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The page of Lowry, Malcolm, English Works translated to Hungarian

Image of Lowry, Malcolm
Lowry, Malcolm


A bárban {P. T.} (At the Bar)
A fiatalember Oaxacából {P. T.} (The young man from Oaxaca)
A panasz - 1944 június {P. T.} (A lament – june 1944)
A részegek {P. T.} (The Drunkards)
A Vulkán alatt megjelenése után {Petri György} (After publication „Under the Volcano”)
Alkoholos {P. T.} (Alcoholic)
Az idő nem áll és vár {P. T.} (No time to stop and think [video] [audio])
Az ördög úriember volt {P. T.} (The Devil was a gentleman)
Boncolás {P. T.} (Autopsy)
Dávid {P. T.} (David)
Delírium Uruapan-ban {Rossner Roberto} (Delirium in Uruapan)
Egy fiatal fickó neve Crane {P. T.} (A young fellow name Crane)
Furi vers {P. T.} (Queer Poem)
Harmincöt mescal Cuautlában {P. T.} (Thirty-five Mescals in Cuautla [audio])
Hazafelé fordul a hajó {P. T.} (The ship is turning homeward)
Idegen fajzat {P. T.} (Strange Type)
Lamentálás - 1944 június {Rossner Roberto} (A lament – june 1944)
Részeg ima {P. T.} (Prayer for drunks)
Rilke és Yeats {P. T.} (Rilke and Yeats)
Roderick Usher {Göncz Árpád} (Roderick Usher)
Sírfelirat {Rossner Roberto} (Epitaph)
Vigasz {P. T.} (Comfort)
Vulkán alatt (kezdő részlet) {Göncz Árpád} (Under the Volcano (opening detail))

Works without translation

A dried up river is like the soul
Beneath the Malebolge lies Hastings street...
Delirium in Vera Cruz
Iron thoughts sail out at evening
No Company But Fear
Songs for second childhood XII
The flowering past
The Moon in Scandinavia
We sit unhackled drunk and mad to edit
Without the nighted wyvern

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