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Literature plays a great part in learning about the cultures of each other. Thanks to the efforts of literary translators, literature is transmitted from one language to the other. The offers only a glimpse into the huge bulk of literary translations, but if you click on the MATRIX MAP on the top of the page, you can start your literary adventure enjoying the literatures of Visegrad countries in your mother tongue!
If you look for an author, a particular literary work or keyword, please find the SEARCH function on the very bottom of the home page.
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We offer short excerpts only as is intended for reading from display or printing a few pages. You can find links at most of the excerpts to online bookstores in case you wanted to read the entire literary work.



A new online literary anthology

Hungarian Literature Online 01.08.2010.


A new website has been launched with some 200 authors and a total of over 1000 texts comprising the best writing from Visegrád Group nations for online access in Hungarian, Slovakian, Czech, Polish, English and German.

"A watershed venture", the project’s international coordinator and editor-in-chief of Hungarian Lettre, Éva Karádi commented on the launch of, declaring the webpage a gateway to one another’s language and culture as well as potentially relieving the linguistic isolation of Hungarian literature in particular.
"In Europe we have many coexisting languages. Yet for some reason we keep using English. Now is our chance to get acquainted with the languages of our neighbours. And this project can also be thought of as an exciting intellectual game”, Éva Karádi added.
Visitors to the website can browse through texts from some 200 classical and contemporary authors, and may even compare the different translations. Besides the texts, the website also features biographies of the authors, as well as the English- and German-language reception of some of the works.
The project emerged from the multilingual portal Babelmatrix run by Budapest’s Typotex Publishing House, where prominent Hungarian literary works are available for reading in English, Czech, Dutch, Polish, German, Russian and Portuguese languages. Typotex manager Zsuzsa Votisky tells us that the new website is a fully fledged project within Babelmatrix, but the network is being developed constantly. "The internet has developed considerably since the launch of Babelmatrix, and even those who once doubted its success now see a future in it", Zsuzsa Votisky commented.
Babelmatrix is currently owned by Typotex, but the publishing house plans to involve international partners in the future. "Those we worked together with on enjoyed the project, and were sad to see the work conclude. It is my hope to get new partners involved within a year or two", Zsuzsa Votisky added.
Éva Karádi agrees that expansion will be necessary. This way Europe’s linguistic diversity will cease to be a barrier, but finally prove to be an opportunity for mutual understanding.


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