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Works and translations with audio in English

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That Dada Strain has audioRothenberg, Jerome
The Applicant has audioPlath, Sylvia
The Building has audioLarkin, Philip
The Business has audioCreeley, Robert
The Capital has audioAuden, W. H.
The Catholic Bells has audioWilliams, William Carlos
The Changes has audioCreeley, Robert
The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner has audioJarrell, Randall
The Door has audioCreeley, Robert
The Emperor of Ice-Cream has audioStevens, Wallace
The express has audioSpender, Stephen
The fox has audioTomlinson, Charles
The Fury of Aerial Bombardment has audioEberhart, Richard
The Ghosts of the Buffaloes has audioLindsay, Vachel
The Groundhog has audioEberhart, Richard
The Haunted Palace has audioPoe, Edgar Allan
The Heavy Bear Who Goes With Me has audioSchwartz, Delmore
The Hollow Men has audioEliot, T. S.
The Horse Chestnut Tree has audioEberhart, Richard
The Host has audioWilliams, William Carlos
The Ice Hotel has audioSweeney, Matthew
The Innocence has audioCreeley, Robert
The Journey of the Magi has audioEliot, T. S.
The Lady of Shalott has audioTennyson, Alfred Lord
The Language has audioCreeley, Robert
The Layers has audioKunitz, Stanley
The Loch Ness Monster's Song has audioMorgan, Edwin
The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock has audioEliot, T. S.
The Moon has audioCreeley, Robert
The Old Familiar Faces has audioLamb, Charles
The Owl and the Pussycat has audioLear, Edward
The Passionate Shepherd to His Love has audioMarlowe, Christopher
The Pobble Who Has No Toes has audioLear, Edward
The Pomegranate has audioBoland, Eavan
The Power and the Glory has audioSassoon, Siegfried
The Rain has audioCreeley, Robert
The Red Wheelbarrow has audioWilliams, William Carlos
The Repentance of Lady T has audioSmith, Stevie
The Rhodora has audioEmerson, Ralph Waldo
The Riddle has audioCreeley, Robert
The Road Not Taken has audioFrost, Robert
The Sea is History has audioWalcott, Derek
The Second Coming has audioYeats, William Butler
The Shield of Achilles has audioAuden, W. H.
The Skeleton of the Future has audioMacDiarmid, Hugh
The Snow Man has audioStevens, Wallace
The Snowy Owl has audioSweeney, Matthew
The Solitary Reaper has audioWordsworth, William
The Soul selects her own Society (303) has audioDickinson, Emily
The Term has audioWilliams, William Carlos
The thought-fox has audioHughes, Ted
The Three Ladies has audioCreeley, Robert
The Tombstone Told When She Died has audioThomas, Dylan
The Trial has audioPink Floyd
The Walrus and The Carpenter has audioCarroll, Lewis
The War Song of Dinas Vawr has audioPeacock, Thomas Love
The Warning has audioCreeley, Robert
The Waste Land has audioEliot, T. S.
The Way of a World has audioTomlinson, Charles
The Wife has audioCreeley, Robert
The Wild Old Wicked Man has audioYeats, William Butler
The Yellow Flower has audioWilliams, William Carlos
The Young Housewife has audioWilliams, William Carlos
The Daffodils has audioWordsworth, William
Then Was My Neophyte has audioThomas, Dylan
The Raven has audioPoe, Edgar Allan
There Was a Saviour has audioThomas, Dylan
The Tiger has audioBlake, William
They Feed They Lion has audioLevine, Philip
Thirty-five Mescals in Cuautla has audioLowry, Malcolm
This Is Just To Say has audioWilliams, William Carlos
This Wheel's On Fire has audioDylan, Bob
Thousand Violins has audioThe Tiger Lillies
To a Locomotive in Winter has audioWhitman, Walt
To Aunt Rose has audioGinsberg, Allen
To Bobbie has audioCreeley, Robert
To Waken An Old Lady has audioWilliams, William Carlos
Tramontana at Lerici has audioTomlinson, Charles
Twice Shy has audioHeaney, Seamus
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