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The page of Swanson, Eleanor, English bibliography

Image of Swanson, Eleanor
Swanson, Eleanor


- Dr. Tobé Attends Mme. Curie on Her Deathbed, Radium Girls (poetry, 2002, Missouri Review Volume 25, Number 1)
- Breaker Boy, The Dolls, The Principle of Symmetry (poetry, 2002, NimrodInternational Journal, Volume 46, Number 1, Fall/Winter)
- Transmutation (2002, Oberon, Volume 1, Number 1)
- A Thousand Bonds: Marie Curie and the Discovery of Radium (2003, National Federation of State Poetry Societies Press, ISBN: 0967181070, ISBN13: 9780967181073)
- Before the Reef (2008, Plain View Press, ISBN: 1891386964, ISBN13: 9781891386961)
- Little Houses (2013, Stephen F. Austin State University Press, ISBN: 1936205963, ISBN13: 9781936205967)
- Memory’s Rooms (2013, Conundrum Press, ISBN: 1938633229, ISBN13: 9781938633225)
- Trembling in the Bones, A Commorative Edition Honoring the 100th Anniversary of the Ludlow Massacre (2006, Ghost Road Press, ISBN: 0977803465, ISBN13: 9780977803460)
- Exiles and Expatriates (2014, Hollywood Books International, ISBN: 098295588X, ISBN13: 9780982955888), Winner of the Press Americana 2013 Prize for Prose


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