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The page of Kosztolányi Dezső, Hungarian Translations from English

Image of Kosztolányi Dezső
Kosztolányi Dezső


„A gránátalmafaház” egy példányával (Hungarian) ⇐ Wilde, Oscar :: An Inscription (English)
A dooney-i hegedűs (Hungarian) ⇐ Yeats, William Butler :: The Fiddler of Dooney (English) [video]
A fehér nyúl verse (Hungarian) ⇐ Carroll, Lewis :: The White Rabbit's Verses (English)
A hold (Hungarian) ⇐ Shelley, Percy Bysshe :: To the Moon (English)
A homár négyes (Hungarian) ⇐ Carroll, Lewis :: The Lobster Quadrille (English) [video]
A krokodil (Hungarian) ⇐ Carroll, Lewis :: The Crocodile (English) [video]
A magyar nemzethez (Hungarian) ⇐ Arnold, Matthew :: Sonnet to the Hungarian Nation (English)
A rigó (Hungarian) ⇐ Wolfe, Humbert :: The Blackbird (English)
A szamár (Hungarian) ⇐ Chesterton, Gilbert Keith :: The Donkey (English)
Ábrándos változatok (Hungarian) ⇐ Hughes, Langston :: Dream Variations (English)
A holló (Hungarian) ⇐ Poe, Edgar Allan :: The Raven (English)
Aki nagyon szeretett (Hungarian) ⇐ Brooke, Rupert :: The Great Lover (English)
Alice Csodaországban (Prológ) (Hungarian) ⇐ Carroll, Lewis :: Prologue to Alice (English)
Álom az álomban (Hungarian) ⇐ Poe, Edgar Allan :: A Dream Within a Dream (English) [video]
Amikor a háború kitört (Hungarian) ⇐ Hardy, Thomas :: In Time of „The Breaking of the Nations” (English)
A readingi fegyház balladája (Kosztolányi Dezső) (Hungarian) ⇐ Wilde, Oscar :: Ballad of Reading Gaol (English)
Ave atque vale (Hungarian) ⇐ Swinburne, Charles Algernon :: Ave Atque Vale (English)
Az álomhoz (Hungarian) ⇐ Keats, John :: To Sleep (English)
Az Éjhez (Hungarian) ⇐ Shelley, Percy Bysshe :: To Night (English)
Az utcán (Hungarian) ⇐ Lowell, James Russell :: The Street (English)
Azután (Hungarian) ⇐ Browning, Robert :: After (English)
Beppo (Hungarian) ⇐ Byron, George :: Beppo (English)
Brahma (Hungarian) ⇐ Emerson, Ralph Waldo :: Brahma (English)
Csitt, csitt! (Hungarian) ⇐ Keats, John :: Song. Hush, Hush! Tread Softly! (English)
Dal a daltalanságban (Hungarian) ⇐ Meredith, George :: Song in the Songless (English)
Dal Anglia férfiaihoz (Hungarian) ⇐ Shelley, Percy Bysshe :: Song-To the Men of England (English)
Egy év múlva (Hungarian) ⇐ Browning, Robert :: In a Year (English)
Egy hópehelyhez (Hungarian) ⇐ Thompson, Francis :: To A Snowflake (English)
Egy mezei pacsirtához (Hungarian) ⇐ Shelley, Percy Bysshe :: To a Skylark (English)
Éjjeli találkozó (Hungarian) ⇐ Browning, Robert :: Meeting at Night (English)
Eldorádó (Hungarian) ⇐ Poe, Edgar Allan :: El Dorado (English)
Emlékezz (Hungarian) ⇐ Rossetti, Christina Georgina :: Remember (English)
Eulália (Hungarian) ⇐ Poe, Edgar Allan :: Eulalie (English) [video]
Excelsior (Hungarian) ⇐ Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth :: Excelsior (English) [video]
Februári délután (Hungarian) ⇐ Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth :: Afternoon in February (English)
Fülemüle közel a házhoz (Hungarian) ⇐ Monro, Harold :: The Nightingale Near the House (English)
Gyarmatáruk New Yorkban (Hungarian) ⇐ McKay, Claude :: The Tropics of New York (English)
Gyászének az erdőben (Hungarian) ⇐ Meredith, George :: Dirge in Woods (English)
Ha... (Hungarian) ⇐ Kipling, Rudyard :: If (English) [video]
Hélas! (Hungarian) ⇐ Wilde, Oscar :: Helas (English)
Holdfényes almák (Hungarian) ⇐ Drinkwater, John :: Moonlit Apples (English)
Honvágy (Hungarian) ⇐ Hughes, Langston :: Homesick Blues (English)
Ima (Hungarian) ⇐ Galsworthy, John :: The Prayer (English)
Impression La fuite de la lune (Hungarian) ⇐ Wilde, Oscar :: La Fuite de la Lune (English)
Impression du Matin (Hungarian) ⇐ Wilde, Oscar :: Impression du Matin (English)
Inezhez (a Childe Harold-ból) (Hungarian) ⇐ Byron, George :: To Inez (Childe Harold’s detail) (English)
Köd múltán (Hungarian) ⇐ Keats, John :: After dark vapors have oppress'd our plains... (English)
Kopogó kéz (Hungarian) ⇐ Symons, Arthur :: The Return (English)
Kossuth (részlet) (Hungarian) ⇐ Lowell, James Russell :: Kossuth (English)
Kossuth Lajosnak (Hungarian) ⇐ Swinburne, Charles Algernon :: To Louis Kossuth (English)
La Bella Donna Della Mia Mente (Hungarian) ⇐ Wilde, Oscar :: La Bella Donna Della Mia Mente (English)
Le Panneau (Hungarian) ⇐ Wilde, Oscar :: Le Panneau (English)
Minden meghal (Hungarian) ⇐ Tennyson, Alfred Lord :: All Things will Die (English)
Mint a haló hölgy (Hungarian) ⇐ Shelley, Percy Bysshe :: The Waning Moon (English) [video]
Nyugalom (Hungarian) ⇐ Rossetti, Christina Georgina :: Rest (English)
Öreg halász tűnődése (Hungarian) ⇐ Yeats, William Butler :: The Meditation Of The Old Fisherman (English) [video]
Ősz, az aranylovag (Hungarian) ⇐ Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth :: Autumn (English)
Rigók (Hungarian) ⇐ Wolfe, Humbert :: Daisies (English)
Romeo és Júlia (Részlet) (Hungarian) ⇐ Shakespeare, William :: Romeo and Juliet (Detail) (English)
Shakespeare (Hungarian) ⇐ Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth :: Shakespeare (English)
Shelley sírja (Hungarian) ⇐ Wilde, Oscar :: The Grave of Shelley (English)
Szent szonettek 10 (Hungarian) ⇐ Donne, John :: Holy Sonnets X. (English) [video]
Szép asszonyok (Hungarian) ⇐ Whitman, Walt :: Beautiful Women (English)
Tarantella (Hungarian) ⇐ Belloc, Hilaire :: Tarantella (English)
Te öreg vagy, apám (Hungarian) ⇐ Carroll, Lewis :: You are old, father William (English) [video]
Téli mozdony (Hungarian) ⇐ Whitman, Walt :: To a Locomotive in Winter (English)
Téli rege (Részlet) (Hungarian) ⇐ Shakespeare, William :: Winter's Tale (Detail) (English)
Tigris (Hungarian) ⇐ Blake, William :: The Tiger (English)
Venus Transiens (Hungarian) ⇐ Lowell, Amy :: Venus Transiens (English)
Viszonyosság (Hungarian) ⇐ Drinkwater, John :: Reciprocity (English)
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