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The page of Tsai, Tze-Min, English biography

Image of Tsai, Tze-Min
Tsai, Tze-Min


Dr. Tze-Min Tsai (Director, Writers Capital, Taiwan) was born in 1957 in Taiwan and is an associate professor at the Asian University of Taiwan.
He owns two master degrees of applied mathematics and chemical engineering, and a Ph.D. of chemical engineering.
Literary works include poems, novels and prose, published in the country's major poetry and literary magazines, and has been translated into several languages, and published in different countries.

Apart from specialty papers, have always been used Tze-MinTsai as a pseudonym, published literary works. He is currently working in Asia University (Taiwan, Republic of China) teach about literature, the value of life, mathematics, logic and statistics courses, etc.

Important Literature Award:
- 2014, 23rd Changhua County Soxi Writers' Literature Award (Changhua -County Cultural Bureau, Republic of China)
- 2015, the 38th China Times Literary Award (China Times, the Republic of China)
- 2015, Tong Hua Literature Prize (Hakka Affairs Committee, Republic of China)
- 2016 "Yunlin Culture and Arts" Literature Award (Yunlin County Cultural Bureau, the Republic of China)


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