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Jewell, David oldala, Angol életrajz

Jewell, David portréja
Jewell, David


Poet, performance poet, author, photographer & actor. He’s performed his work at the Salvage Vanguard Theater, Hyde Park Theater, The Vortex, collaborating with a variety of artists and incorporating video, stagecraft and music to produce some truly outstanding spoken word events. Currently, he is collaborating on a project with musician Sergio Samayoa, that may or may not involve lion tamers, acrobats and clowns.

Join us in celebrating the launch of Last Word/First Word: A Poetic Conversation by David Jewell and Ric Lance Scow Williams. The book was a collaborative effort of three years of emailing poems back and forth, nearly every day, and using the last word of the sender’s poem to start the poem to be sent back. David Jewell has been living in Austin and doing poetry shows for about thirty years. He has published a few books, done some multi-media shows, opened for Laurie Anderson at the Paramount Theater, appeared in a movie called, Waking Life, and had a poem appear in a movie called Before Sunrise. Both movies were directed by Richard Linklater. Basically, David Jewell is very grateful to be here right now, exploring this mystery of the mysteriousness of everything.
by: Malvern Books


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