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All translations

Ábrányi Emil [Hungarian]
András Sándor [Hungarian]
anonim [Hungarian]
Antalfy Gyula [Hungarian]
Áprily Lajos [Hungarian]
Arany János [Hungarian]
Babiczky Tibor [Hungarian]
Babits Mihály [Hungarian]
Bajtai András [Hungarian]
Baka István [Hungarian]
Bakonyi-Tánczos Vera [Hungarian]
Balabán Péter [Hungarian]
Balázs F. Attila [Hungarian]
Bálint Géza [Hungarian]
Balizs Daniel [Hungarian]
Balogh Sándor [Hungarian]
Bánhegyi Zsolt [Hungarian]
Bányay Geyza [Hungarian]
Bárány Ferenc [Hungarian]
Baranyi Ferenc [Hungarian]
Bárdos László [Hungarian]
Bari Károly [Hungarian]
Barna Imre [Hungarian]
Bartos Tibor [Hungarian]
Báthori, Csaba [Hungarian]
Bayer Antal [Hungarian]
Békefi Miklós [Hungarian]
Bendes Rita [Hungarian]
Benedek Marcell [Hungarian]
Benjámin László [Hungarian]
Berényi Gábor [Hungarian]
Berényi Klára [Hungarian]
Bernáth István [Hungarian]
Berta Ádám [Hungarian]
Bittner Gábor [Hungarian]
Bolemant László [Hungarian]
Borbás Mária [Hungarian]
Bordás Máté [Hungarian]
Bordás Orsolya [Hungarian]
Botár Attila [Hungarian]
Bozóky Balázs [Hungarian]
Branczeiz Anna [Hungarian]
Bursán Miklós [Hungarian]
Calafat, Pedro [Hungarian]
Csanak Dóra [Hungarian]
Csengery Kristóf [Hungarian]
Csillag Tibor [Hungarian]
Csősz Gergely [Hungarian]
Dabi István [Hungarian]
Dányi Dániel [Hungarian]
Danyi Zoltán [Hungarian]
Dávidházi Péter [Hungarian]
Dely István [Hungarian]
Deme Zoltán [Hungarian]
Derecskei András [Hungarian]
Déry Tibor [Hungarian]
Devecseri Gábor [Hungarian]
Doktor Virág [Hungarian]
Dömötör János [Hungarian]
Dsida Jenő [Hungarian]
Dvorcsák Gábor Imre [Hungarian]
Elbert János [Hungarian]
Eörsi István [Hungarian]
Erdei Nóra [Hungarian]
Erdeős, Zsuzsanna [Hungarian]
Erdődi Gábor [Hungarian]
Erdős Olga [Hungarian]
Ernhoffer Tibor [Hungarian]
F. Csanak Dóra [Hungarian]
Falcinelli Ester [Hungarian]
Faludy György [Hungarian]
Fazekas László [Hungarian]
1000 translations Fehér Illés [Hungarian]
Fehér Máté [Hungarian]
Fenyvesi Orsolya [Hungarian]
Fenyvesi Ottó [Hungarian]
Ferencz Győző [Hungarian]
Ferenczy Zoltán [Hungarian]
Fisli Éva [Hungarian]
Fodor Ákos [Hungarian]
Fodor András [Hungarian]
Főfai Sándor [Hungarian]
Forgács Rezső [Hungarian]
Fóthy János [Hungarian]
Franyó Zoltán [Hungarian]
Fűri Mária [Hungarian]
Fűri Mária [Hungarian]
Füst Milán [Hungarian]
Füzi István Ádám [Hungarian]
Füzi Izabella [Hungarian]
G. Makra Ildikó [Hungarian]
Gál Erika [Hungarian]
Galácz Karolina [Hungarian]
Galambos Gábor [Hungarian]
Garai Gábor [Hungarian]
Garai Péter Sándor [Hungarian]
Gáspár Endre [Hungarian]
Géher István [Hungarian]
Gerevich András [Hungarian]
Gergely Ágnes [Hungarian]
Gieler Gyöngyi [Hungarian]
Göbölyös N. László [Hungarian]
Gombos Imre [Hungarian]
Gömöri György [Hungarian]
Göncz Árpád [Hungarian]
Görgey Gábor [Hungarian]
Gothár Tamás [Hungarian]
Góz Adrienn [Hungarian]
Gulyás Pál [Hungarian]
Gyárfás Endre [Hungarian]
Gyepes Judit [Hungarian]
Györe Balázs [Hungarian]
György Eszter [Hungarian]
Gyukics Gábor [Hungarian]
Haász Irén [Hungarian]
Hajnal Anna [Hungarian]
Hamerli Nikolett [Hungarian]
Handi Péter [Hungarian]
Hárs Ernő [Hungarian]
Hárs Jenő [Hungarian]
Havasi Attila [Hungarian]
Hazai Attila [Hungarian]
Hegedűs Péter [Hungarian]
Hernádi Miklós [Hungarian]
Holakovszki Genovéva [Hungarian]
Holczer Dávid [Hungarian]
Horváth Balázs [Hungarian]
Horváth Elemér [Hungarian]
Horváth Lajos [Hungarian]
Huba Ildikó [Hungarian]
Hunyadi Dalma [Hungarian]
Hyross Ferenc [Hungarian]
Illyés Gyula [Hungarian]
Imreh András [Hungarian]
1000 translations Israel Efraim [Hungarian]
Israel Efraim [Hungarian]
Izzo, Carlo [Hungarian]
Jakab Zsolt [Hungarian]
Jánosházy György [Hungarian]
Jánosi András [Hungarian]
Jánosy István [Hungarian]
Jékely Zoltán [Hungarian]
Jónai Zs. Balázs [Hungarian]
József Attila [Hungarian]
Julow Viktor [Hungarian]
Justus Pál [Hungarian]
Kabai Csaba [Hungarian]
Kabdebó Tamás [Hungarian]
Kada Júlia [Hungarian]
Kalász Márton [Hungarian]
Kállay Eszter [Hungarian]
Kálnoky László [Hungarian]
Kántás Balázs [Hungarian]
Kántor Péter [Hungarian]
Kaposi Tamás [Hungarian]
Kappanyos András [Hungarian]
Kardos László [Hungarian]
Kardos Pál [Hungarian]
Karinthy Frigyes [Hungarian]
Károlyi Amy [Hungarian]
Kassák Lajos [Hungarian]
Kellner Dénes [Hungarian]
Kemenes Géfin László [Hungarian]
Képes Géza [Hungarian]
Képes Júlia [Hungarian]
Keresztury Dezső [Hungarian]
Kerti Károly György [Hungarian]
1000 translations Kery, Leslie A. [Hungarian]
Keszthelyi Zoltán [Hungarian]
Király Zsuzsa [Hungarian]
Kiskun Farkas László [Hungarian]
Kiss Irén [Hungarian]
Kiss Zsuzsa [Hungarian]
Kiss Zsuzsa [Hungarian]
Kiszely Diána [Hungarian]
Kodolányi Gyula [Hungarian]
Komáromy Rudolf [Hungarian]
Komlós Aladár [Hungarian]
Koosán Ildikó [Hungarian]
Kopácsy Margit [Hungarian]
Kőrizs Imre [Hungarian]
Kormos István [Hungarian]
Koroknay István [Hungarian]
Kosztolányi Dezső [Hungarian]
Kovács Márton [Hungarian]
Kozma Andor [Hungarian]
Krusovszky Dénes [Hungarian]
Kuczka Péter [Hungarian]
Kukorelly Endre [Hungarian]
Lajosi Krisztina [Hungarian]
Lakatos Kálmán [Hungarian]
Lanczkor Gábor [Hungarian]
Lang Edina [Hungarian]
László Noémi [Hungarian]
Lator László [Hungarian]
Lauer Péter [Hungarian]
Lázár Júlia [Hungarian]
Lehel Jenő [Hungarian]
Lénárt Edna [Hungarian]
Lengyel Balikó Péter [Hungarian]
Lengyel Péter [Hungarian]
Leslie A.Kery [Hungarian]
Lettre [Hungarian]
Libor Zoltán [Hungarian]
Lovas Sz. Judit [Hungarian]
Lukács Laura [Hungarian]
Majtényi Zoltán [Hungarian]
Makai Máté [Hungarian]
Maksay Albert [Hungarian]
Marosi Bálint [Hungarian]
Mattyasovszky Brigitta [Hungarian]
Méhes Károly [Hungarian]
Mesterházi Márton [Hungarian]
Mesterházi Mónika [Hungarian]
Mészáros Béla [Hungarian]
Mészöly Dezső [Hungarian]
Metz Olga Sára [Hungarian]
Mezei Balázs [Hungarian]
Mezey Katalin [Hungarian]
Migray Emőd [Hungarian]
Mihálycsa Erika [Hungarian]
Mohácsi Balázs [Hungarian]
Molnár Edit [Hungarian]
Molnár Imre [Hungarian]
Molnár Miklós [Hungarian]
Mussó Erika [Hungarian]
N. Kiss Zsuzsa [Hungarian]
N. Ullrich Katalin [Hungarian]
Nádasdy Ádám [Hungarian]
Nagy András [Hungarian]
Nagy István Paphnutius [Hungarian]
Nagy Kornél [Hungarian]
Nagy László [Hungarian]
Nagy Márta Júlia [Hungarian]
Nagy Rita [Hungarian]
Naschitz Frigyes [Hungarian]
Nemes Nagy Ágnes [Hungarian]
Németh Dezső [Hungarian]
nemo [Hungarian]
Nyerges Rózsa [Hungarian]
Oláh János [Hungarian]
Orbán Katalin [Hungarian]
Orbán Ottó [Hungarian]
Ormay, Tom [Hungarian]
Orosz László Wladimir [Hungarian]
Ország-Land, Thomas [Hungarian]
P. T. [Hungarian]
Pál Endre [Hungarian]
Papp Árpád [Hungarian]
Papp Gábor Zsigmond [Hungarian]
Pásztor Árpád [Hungarian]
Pék Zoltán [Hungarian]
Péti, Miklós [Hungarian]
Petőfi Sándor [Hungarian]
Petri György [Hungarian]
Petrőczi Éva [Hungarian]
Pór Judit [Hungarian]
Pritz Péter [Hungarian]
Puskás Dániel [Hungarian]
Raáb György [Hungarian]
Rab Zsuzsa [Hungarian]
Rába György [Hungarian]
Rácsai Róbert [Hungarian]
Radnó György [Hungarian]
Radnó György [Hungarian]
Radnóti Miklós [Hungarian]
Radó Antal [Hungarian]
Radó György [Hungarian]
Rakovszky Zsuzsa [Hungarian]
1000 translations Répás Norbert [Hungarian]
Réz Ádám [Hungarian]
Rónay György [Hungarian]
Rossner Roberto [Hungarian]
Ruzitska , Mária [Hungarian]
S. Bokor Malvin [Hungarian]
Sárközi György [Hungarian]
Sárközi Györgyné [Hungarian]
Sebe János [Hungarian]
Sebestyén Éva [Hungarian]
Sebestyén Péter [Hungarian]
Semlyén Éva [Hungarian]
Sepsi László [Hungarian]
Seres József [Hungarian]
Siklós István [Hungarian]
Sipos Tamás [Hungarian]
Somlyó György [Hungarian]
Studiolum [Hungarian]
Sütő Fanni [Hungarian]
Szabados Tamás [Hungarian]
Szabó János [Hungarian]
Szabó Lőrinc [Hungarian]
Szabó Magda [Hungarian]
Szabó Máté [Hungarian]
Szabó Péter [Hungarian]
Szabó T. Anna [Hungarian]
Szabó T. Anna [Hungarian]
Szalki Bernáth Attila [Hungarian]
Szántó T. Gábor [Hungarian]
Szász Imre [Hungarian]
Szász Károly [Hungarian]
Szegő György [Hungarian]
Székely Csaba [Hungarian]
Szemlér Ferenc [Hungarian]
Szenci Miklós [Hungarian]
Szíjgyártó László [Hungarian]
Szilágyi Anikó [Hungarian]
Szilágyi Domokos [Hungarian]
Szinnai Tivadar [Hungarian]
Szlukovényi Katalin [Hungarian]
Szokolay Károly [Hungarian]
Szokolay Zoltán [Hungarian]
Szőllőssy Klára [Hungarian]
Tábor Eszter [Hungarian]
Tabori, Paul [Hungarian]
Takács Orsolya [Hungarian]
Takács Zsuzsa (Zsuzsanna) [Hungarian]
Tandori Dezső [Hungarian]
Tapfer Klára [Hungarian]
Tapody Péter [Hungarian]
Tarbay Ede [Hungarian]
Tasnádi Edit [Hungarian]
Tellér Gyula [Hungarian]
Terebess Gábor [Hungarian]
Thurzai Zsöni [Hungarian]
Tikos László [Hungarian]
Tímár György [Hungarian]
Tiszay Andor [Hungarian]
Tokai András [Hungarian]
Tornai József [Hungarian]
Tornai József [Hungarian]
Török Attila [Hungarian]
Tótfalusi István [Hungarian]
Tóth Árpád [Hungarian]
Tóth Bálint Péter [Hungarian]
Tóth Eszter [Hungarian]
Tóth Judit [Hungarian]
Toth Viktor T. [Hungarian]
Turczi István [Hungarian]
Ungvári Tamás [Hungarian]
Unoka Mihály [Hungarian]
Ürögdi Ferenc [Hungarian]
Vachter Ákos [Hungarian]
Vajda Endre [Hungarian]
Vajda Miklós [Hungarian]
Vámosi Pál [Hungarian]
Várady Szabolcs [Hungarian]
Várady Szabolcs [Hungarian]
Varga Zsolt [Hungarian]
Varga, Zsolt [Hungarian]
Varró Dániel [Hungarian]
Vas István [Hungarian]
Végh György [Hungarian]
Végh Zsoldos Péter [Hungarian]
Veres Mátyás [Hungarian]
Vermes Magda [Hungarian]
Vidor Miklós [Hungarian]
Vitéz György [Hungarian]
Vörös István fordító [Hungarian]
Vörösmarty Mihály [Hungarian]
Weiner Sennyey Tibor [Hungarian]
Weöres Sándor [Hungarian]
Williams Kinga [Hungarian]
Závada Péter [Hungarian]
Zilahi Anna [Hungarian]
Zoltán Vilmos [Hungarian]
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