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Dickinson, Emily: Feltündökölt a nap 999 (Superfluous were the Sun 999 in Hungarian)

Portre of Dickinson, Emily

Superfluous were the Sun 999 (English)

Superfluous were the Sun
When Excellence be dead
He were superfluous every Day
For every Day be said

That syllable whose Faith
Just saves it from Despair
And whose "I'll meet You" hesitates
If Love inquire "Where"?

Upon His dateless Fame
Our Periods may lie
As Stars that drop anonymous
From an abundant sky.

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Feltündökölt a nap 999 (Hungarian)

A Kiváló ha meghalt
Feltündökölt a Nap
Feltündökölt az minden nap
Mert mondta minden nap

Annak szavát, kinek hite
Aggodalmat felold
De "Találkozzunk"-ja habozik
Ha a Szerelem kérdi "hol?"

Időtlen hírnevéhez
Életünk úgy tapad
Mint fényes égből hulló
Névtelen csillag-had

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