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Dickinson, Emily: (A Síkságot megülte Hegy) ((The Mountain sat upon the Plain) in Hungarian)

Portre of Dickinson, Emily

(The Mountain sat upon the Plain) (English)

The Mountain sat upon the Plain
In his tremendous Chair —
His observation omnifold,
His inquest, everywhere —

The Seasons played around his knees
Like Children round a sire —
Grandfather of the Days is He
Of Dawn, the Ancestor —

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(A Síkságot megülte Hegy) (Hungarian)

A Síkságot megülte Hegy —
Roppant Alapja Trón —
Árgus szemekkel nyomozott,
Nyomasztón, mint az ón —

Lábánál játszó Évszakok
Gyermekszaladozás —
A Napoknak Nagyatyja Ő
Hajnal Elődje — Ős —

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