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Dickinson, Emily: (Az Istenek adták nekem —) ((It was given to me by the Gods —) in Hungarian)

Portre of Dickinson, Emily

(It was given to me by the Gods —) (English)

It was given to me by the Gods —
When I was a little Girl —
They given us Presents most — you know —
When we are new — and small.
I kept it in my Hand —
I never put it down —
I did not dare to eat — or sleep —
For fear it would be gone —
I heard such words as "Rich" —
When hurrying to school —
From lips at Corners of the Streets —
And wrestled with a smile.
Rich! 'Twas Myself — was rich —
To take the name of Gold —
And Gold to own — in solid Bars —
The Difference — made me bold —
(1862 körül)

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(Az Istenek adták nekem —) (Hungarian)

Az Istenek adták nekem —
Mi voltam — csak kicsi Lány —
Ajándékot hoznak — ugye —
Mikor csöpp s új a Lény.
Szorongattam is én —
Nem tettem volna le —
Mert féltem füstbe megy —
Nem mertem aludni — enni se —
Iskolába menet —
Az utcasarkokon
„Gazdag” — ütötte meg fülem —
S legyűrt a mosolyom.
„Gazdag!” Én voltam az —
S Szavam — „Arany” — erős
S minden enyém — Aranyrudak —
Más voltam — a kicsi Hős —

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