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Donne, John: Holy Sonnets II.

Portre of Donne, John

Holy Sonnets II. (English)

As due by many titles I resign

Myself to thee, O God.   First I was made

By Thee ; and for Thee, and when I was decay'd

Thy blood bought that, the which before was Thine.

I am Thy son, made with Thyself to shine,

Thy servant, whose pains Thou hast still repaid,

Thy sheep, Thine image, and—till I betray'd

Myself—a temple of Thy Spirit divine.

Why doth the devil then usurp on me ?

Why doth he steal, nay ravish, that's Thy right ?

Except Thou rise and for Thine own work fight,

O !  I shall soon despair, when I shall see

That Thou lovest mankind well, yet wilt not choose me,

And Satan hates me, yet is loth to lose me.

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