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Heaney, Seamus: Szent Ferenc és a madarak (Saint Francis and the Birds in Hungarian)

Portre of Heaney, Seamus

Saint Francis and the Birds (English)

When Francis preached love to the birds

They listened, fluttered, throttled up

Into the blue like a flock of words


Released for fun from his holy lips.

Then wheeled back, whirred about his head,

Pirouetted on brothers' capes.


Danced on the wing, for sheer joy played

And sang, like images took flight.

Which was the best poem Francis made,


His argument true, his tone light.

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Szent Ferenc és a madarak (Hungarian)

Mikor szeretetről prédikált,

Felrebbentek a madarak

És úgy hussantak az ég iránt,


Mint szent ajkáról a szavak.

Aztán feje körül repestek,

Légtáncoltak, szállt a daluk,


Szárnyra perdültek, akár a festett,

Életre kelt miniatűr.

Legjobb verse volt ez Ferencnek:


Könnyed, ám kételyt mégse tűr.

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