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Levertov, Denise: Lelkek gyógyulása (A Cure of Souls in Hungarian)

Portre of Levertov, Denise

A Cure of Souls (English)

The pastor
of grief and dreams

guides his flock towards
the next field

with all his care.
He has heard

the bell tolling
but the sheep

are hungry and need
the grass, today and

every day. Beautiful
his patience, his long

shadow, the rippling
sound of the flocks moving

along the valley.

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Lelkek gyógyulása (Hungarian)

A bánat és az álmok

arrébb tereli
nyáját a mezőn.

a harang

de éhesek

a birkák, kell nekik
a fű, most és

mindig. Szép
a türelme, megnyúlt

árnyéka, a völgyben
vonuló nyáj

szétgyűrűző hangja.

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