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Heath-Stubbs, John: A szűz és az egyszarvú (Virgin and Unicorn in Hungarian)

Portre of Heath-Stubbs, John

Virgin and Unicorn (English)

Oh that bright impossible beast of the mind
He was as wild as the wind, and his own pride
Had turned him savage,
And solitary in his solitary forest;

But my eyes were mirrors and my lap spices,
And he bowed his gold head down, gentle as cornstalks
Under the wind, under the reaping sickle;

And when they wrenched the horn from his splintering skull
He was as full of tears and trust as a child.

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A szűz és az egyszarvú (Hungarian)

Ó, szellem fénylő, lehetetlen vadja -
Szilaj volt, mint a szél, s a maga gőgje
Vadította magányba,
Magánya vadonába;

Ám szemem tükre s fűszeres ölem
Felé fejet hajtott, mint arany és szelíd
Kalász hajlik a szélben, hajlik sarló alá;

S mikor kitörték szarvát szilánkos homlokából,
Csupa könny volt s csupa bizalom, mint a gyermek.

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