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Chatterton, Thomas: There was a Broder of Orderys Whyte’

Portre of Chatterton, Thomas

There was a Broder of Orderys Whyte’ (English)

These was a Broder of Orderys Whyte,

Hee songe hys masses yn the nyghte

Ave Maria, Jesu Maria;

The nonnes al slepeynge yn the Dortoure

Thoughte hym of al syngeynge Freeres the Floure,

Ave Maria, Jesu Maria.


Suster Agnes looved his syngeynge welle,

And songe with hem too the sothen to telle,

Ave Maria, Jesu Maria;

But be ytte ne sed bie Elde or yynge

That ever sheye oderwyse dyd synge

Than Ave Maria, Jesu Maria.


This Broder was called everich where,

To Kenshamm and to Bristol Nonnere,

Ave Maria, Jesu Maria;

Botte seyynge of masses dyd wurch hym so lowe

Above hys Skynne hys Bonys did growe,

Ave Maria, Jesu Maria.


He eaten Beefe ande Dyshes of Mows

And hontend everych Knyghtys House

Ave Maria, Jesu Maria;

And beynge ance moe in gode lyken

He songe to the Nonnes and was poren agan,

With Ave Maria, Jesu Maria.

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