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Wilde, Oscar: Hélas (Helas in Hungarian)

Portre of Wilde, Oscar
Portre of Tellér Gyula

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Helas (English)

To drift with every passion till my soul

Is a stringed lute on which all winds can play,

Is it for this that I have given away

Mine ancient wisdom, and austere control?

Methinks my life is a twice-written scroll

Scrawled over on some boyish holiday

With idle songs for pipe and virelay,

Which do but mar the secret of the whole.

Surely there was a time I might have trod

The sunlit heights, and from life's dissonance

Struck one clear chord to reach the ears of God:

Is that time dead? lo! with a little rod

I did but touch the honey of romance –

And must I lose a soul's inheritance?

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Hélas (Hungarian)

Lelkem, sodorván minden érzelem

árja, lett bármily-szél-pengette lant –

s én ezért adtam túl tovasuhant

bölcsességemen s jó fegyelmemen?

Hiszem: sorsom csak átírt pergamen,

melyre vigalmon suhanc-kéz kapart

henye virelait és furulyadalt,

alattuk ép a teljes rejtelem.

Bizony, volt kor, mely napos csúcsra

volna, a létből – mely zajjal tele –

egy tiszta húrt zengetni Istenig.

Hát nincs tovább? A vágy mézcseppjeit

csak megérintette pálcám hegye,

s most lelkem jussa vesszen el vele?

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