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Conkling, Hilda: Csigabiga (Little Snail in Hungarian)

Portre of Conkling, Hilda

Little Snail (English)

I saw a little snail
Come down the garden walk.
He wagged his head this way... that way...
Like a clown in a circus.
He looked from side to side
As though he were from a different country.
I have always said he carries his house on his back...
To-day in the rain
I saw that it was his umbrella!

Uploaded byN.Ullrich Katalin
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Csigabiga (Hungarian)

Láttam amint egy kis csiga
jött felém a kerti úton.
Csóválta fejét erre, aztán meg arra -
mint kis bohóc egy cirkuszban.
Nézett jobbra, nézett balra
mintha nem is nálunk lakna.
Mindig azt mondtam, hátán viszi a házát...
És kiderült ma az esőben,
hogy ez az esernyője!

Uploaded byN.Ullrich Katalin
Source of the quotationN. U. K.