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Pain, Philip: 10. elmélkedés (Meditation 10 in Hungarian)

Portre of Pain, Philip

Meditation 10 (English)

Alas, what is the World? a Sea of Glass.
Alas, what’s Earth? it’s but an Hower-glass.
The Sea dissolves; the Glass is quickly run;
Behold, with speed man’s Life is quickly done.
  Let me so swim in this Sea, that I may
  With thee live happy in another day.

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10. elmélkedés (Hungarian)

Mi a Világ? Tenger, üvegbe fogva.
S jaj, mi a Föld? Csupáncsak homokóra.
A Tenger apad, pereg a homok,
Lásd, az élet mily hamar elrobog.
  Hadd ússzam e Tengernek, hadd legyek
  Mielőbb boldog rajta túl Veled.

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