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Tsai, Tze-Min: My Spiral Shell Sinking into The Sea

Portre of Tsai, Tze-Min

My Spiral Shell Sinking into The Sea (English)

My beloved spiral shell slipped from my hand
Just when I cleaned up my spiral-like thoughts
It did not sink straight the seabed
It provokes a spiral of water
It tries to blow out a last sound
Before the sea water engulfed it in a spiraling pose

I leaped into the water
Made every effort to rescue my beloved spiral shell
It was rotating in a rapid manner
Went deeper into the sea
I did not let my body spin with the waves
Held my breath but followed it closely

Until my hand touched my beloved spiral shell again
Cold and rotating pressure
Almost knocked me back
It murmured to me with melancholy
You should go back
And ignore me
Try to keep your mind from spinning anymore
You will understand
The sea is my home

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