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Tsai, Tze-Min: Write Down a Peace Journey

Portre of Tsai, Tze-Min

Write Down a Peace Journey (English)

Early in the morning. Light fog enveloped the hills.
Brewing a poem
Go deep into the original home of the earth
Surrounded by dense foliage
The juice of Chinaberry without melting the dried-up ink
Take off a hypnotized Chrysanthemum, Lake Tanganyika
Reluctantly sleep so deep

Midnight, the silent bee, the nest on the branch
Want to write a song
But take the wrong drawing board without musical notes
Draw it, no choice, no hesitation
Choose a corner to listen to the music from ant-loving cricket’s wings
Looking to the volcano alarm flower, Dyed red Jawa island
Reluctantly outbreak so wild

The road home, Vines tripped feet
Dance like a lemur on the island of Madagascar
Kick injury one singing lotus, Rhythm on Congo River
The weeping cry melting snow has not stopped for a long time
With a trace of regret, make a secret decision
With that dance, was hidden in the forest for a long, long time
Write down a dialogue with the biological poetry

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