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Kondor Béla: Tomorrow (Holnap in English)

Portre of Kondor Béla

Holnap (Hungarian)

Szerezni ötezret

Állványt kell venni
Vásznat kell venni
Adósság kétezer

Veszek egy cipőt
Kell egy láda is

Agyag öt mázsa
vasklorid egy kiló
Kobalt, mangán
alig van az alján

Terpentin, terpentin
félmázsa kaolin
Egy liter konyak is
lesz, lesz, minden lesz
veszek, veszek
kótyagos leszek
szürke vasaktól
gyantás deszkától
és minden tárgyat
és minden eszközt
egymagam szerzek be

A halál

Veszek egy csontmadarat
Itt tartom a polcok alatt

És még olaj is kell.

Uploaded byP. T.
Source of the quotationK. B.

Tomorrow (English)

To rustle up five thousand
An easel must be bought
Some canvas must be bought
Two thousand is the debt
I'll buy some shoes
decent - summer use
will need a chest as well
Of clay I'll need five quintals
a kilo of chloride - ferric
I am of cobalt, manganese bereft
in the jars there's little left.
Some turpentine I must get in
half a quintal kaolin.
A litre of brandy, too,
I will surely have the lot
I will purchase, buy and buy,
and be tipsy by and by
from drink which the thirst did quell
the resinous timber-smell
and cast iron's grey as well,
and alone I'll then procure
all the tools and
objects needed
is what waxwings
I'll buy me a waxwing bird
keep it where it's seen and heard,
in a glass cage ‘neath my shelves.
And some oil I'll need as well.                                       

Uploaded byLeslie A. Kery
Source of the quotationMagyarul Bábelben