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Mezei András: Is that the lot? (Ennyi? in English)

Portre of Mezei András

Ennyi? (Hungarian)

Azt a magasszárú cipőt az unoka fűzte ki
a nagyanyja elé guggolva, ő maga csak azután
lépett ki a gyerekcipőből harisnyás lábbal
a jeges hóba - mögöttük az Almássy-téri
Nagy Jani géppisztollyal -, a tárat életében
először lőtte ki, majd mikor a bukó testeket
a zajló Duna már elvitte - Jani ott állt,
hogy ő tette? Az élet ennyi?
Maga se hitte volna.

Uploaded byCikos Ibolja
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Is that the lot? (English)

Squatting in front his grandmother, the grandchild unlaced those high-top boots, and only afterwards did he step, with stockinged feet, out of his child shoes and into the icy snow - behind them Jani Nagy from Almássy Square with tommy gun -  for the first time in his life he fired a whole clip and, when the weltering Danube had carried the fallen bodies away - Jani just stood there, did he really do that? Is that all there is to life?
He would not have believed it.

Uploaded byLeslie A. Kery
Source of the quotationKery, Leslie A.