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Majumdar, Anuradha oldala, Angol életrajz

Majumdar, Anuradha portréja
Majumdar, Anuradha


Anuradha Majumdar's books include Parallel Journeys (Magus) and Refugees from Paradise (Penguin India), both fiction. Presently working on her third book, Rousseau St. Her short stories have appeared in Nthposition, Verve and The Eye. Two collections of poetry include Mobile Hour, which was adapted for her choreographic work, 'Crossroads' and Light Matter, which was written for an art installation by Pierre Legrand. She also writes for adolescents: Island of Infinity (Puffin India). In 2007, participated in the Literature-Cinema conference at the Rome Film Festival’s Focus India event. Lives in Auroville




Well, who knows.

I still don’t know what Tolstoy looked like

though I’ve read some of his books

That famous picture of Shakespeare could be pure

conjecture if we also believe he was a dozen monkeys on a typewriter. But we’ve all read him.


What books did Kalidasa read after dinner?

Did Camus have a Ph.d in Economics?

Did Mark Twain go to church?

Did PG Wodehouse go to war?

Was Hercule Poirot Agatha Christie’s French mistress? Was Rumi vegetarian?

Did Jane Austen win the Booker?

Does Salman Rushdie like trigonometry?


Does it matter when you are reading Haroun and the Sea of Stories or Tom Sawyer?

Still, there are great writers always whose lives have been extraordinary, and their work

propelled by an exigent world. Homer and Vyasa must have also had extraordinary lives.

Yet the signature that remains is the face of Helen or the eye of Arjuna.


So, for a change, let’s skip the bio.

Enjoy the books.

Or, write to me here.



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