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Creeley, Robert: Ballad of the Despairing Husband

Creeley, Robert portréja

Ballad of the Despairing Husband (Angol)

My wife and I lived all alone,

contention was our only bone.

I fought with her, she fought with me,

and things went on right merrily.


But now I live here by myself

with hardly a damn thing on the shelf,          

and pass my days with little cheer

since I have parted from my dear.


Oh come home soon, I write to her.

Go fuck yourself, is her answer.

Now what is that, for Christian word?

I hope she feeds on dried goose turd.


But still I love her, yes I do.

I love her and the children too.

I only think it fit that she

should quickly come right back to me.


Ah no, she says, and she is tough,

and smacks me down with her rebuff.

Ah no, she says, I will not come

after the bloody things you've done.


Oh wife, oh wife -- I tell you true,

I never loved no one but you.

I never will, it cannot be

another woman is for me.


That may be right, she will say then,

but as for me, there's other men.

And I will tell you I propose

to catch them firmly by the nose.


And I will wear what dresses I choose!

And I will dance, and what's to lose!

I'm free of you, you little prick,

and I'm the one to make it stick.


Was this the darling I did love?

Was this that mercy from above

did open violets in the spring --

and made my own worn self to sing?


She was. I know. And she is still,

and if I love her? then so I will.

And I will tell her, and tell her right . . .


Oh lovely lady, morning or evening or afternoon.

Oh lovely lady, eating with or without a spoon.

Oh most lovely lady, whether dressed or undressed or partly.

Oh most lovely lady, getting up or going to bed or sitting only.


Oh loveliest of ladies, than whom none is more fair, more gracious, more beautiful.

Oh loveliest of ladies, whether you are just or unjust, merciful, indifferent, or cruel.

Oh most loveliest of ladies, doing whatever, seeing whatever, being whatever.

Oh most loveliest of ladies, in rain, in shine, in any weather.


Oh lady, grant me time,

please, to finish my rhyme.

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