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Snyder, Gary: For a Far-out Friend

Snyder, Gary portréja

For a Far-out Friend (Angol)

Because I once beat you up

Drunk, stung with weeks of torment

And saw you no more,

And you had calm talk for me today

         I now suppose

I was less sane than you,

You hung on dago red,

         me hooked on books.

You once ran naked toward me

Knee deep in cold March surf

On a tricky beach between two

           pounding seastacks

I saw you as a Hindu Deva-girl

Light legs dancing in the waves,

Breasts like dream-breasts

Of sea, and child, and astral

           Venus-spurting milk.

And traded our salt lips.

Visions of your body

Kept me high for weeks, I even had

          A sort of trance for you

A day in a dentist’s chair.

I found you again, gone stone,

In Zimmer’s book of Indian Art:

Dancing in that life with

Grace and love, with rings and

A little golden belt, just above

          your naked snatch,

And I thought – more grace and love

In that wild Deva life where you belong,

Than in this dress-and-girdle life

You’ll ever give

Or get.

FeltöltőP. T.
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