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Kondor Béla: Rondel (Rondo in English)

Portre of Kondor Béla

Rondo (Hungarian)

Boldog szerelem, hányszor megálmodtalak!
Fehérruhás szőke hajjal, babaarccal,
porcelánnal és friss ágyterítékkel. Bajjal
s fáradtsággal koszorúzott hant maradt
mindabból, s magam maradtam, mások
vesztét is okozva jajommal. A sírások
társat keresnek, a sokszorozott szenvedés
nem adja lejjebb: puffad, terjed és
áradása bemocskol minden friss, fehér
ágyterítéket, mindörökké, vörös iszappal.

Uploaded byP. Tóth Irén
Source of the quotation

Rondel (English)

Happy love, how often I had dreamt of you!
Dressed in white, with blonde hair, baby face,
porcelain, and a lush bedspread. A mound
wreathed with trouble and fatique remained,
and I alone was left from all that, causing even
the downfall of others with my wailing.
Weeping seeks company, intensified suffering
demands no less: it expands, spreads, and its
flood besmirches all lush, white breadspreads
with red sludge for evermore.
                                              Translated by Leslie A. Kery
*(N.B. The title describes the poetic form in which the original is written. As the vowel rhymes defied translation, I am presenting the work in English as a prose poem.)

Uploaded byLeslie A. Kery
Source of the quotationMagyarul Bábelben