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Joyce, James: Kamarazene XXXI (Chamber Music XXXI in Hungarian)

Portre of Joyce, James

Chamber Music XXXI (English)

O, it was out by Donnycarney

When the bat flew from tree to tree,

My love and I did walk together

And sweet were the words she said to me.


Along with us the summer wind

Went murmuring — O, happily! —

But softer than the breath of summer

Was the kiss she gave to me.

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Kamarazene XXXI (Hungarian)

Ott történt, Donnycarney mellett,

— Denevér szállt csapongva fenn —

Hogy kószáltunk, szerelmem és én,

S oly édes szókat mondott nekem.


Velünk együtt suhant zizegve

A nyári szél — ó, mily édesen! —

De ő a nyár lehelleténél

Lágyabb csókot adott nekem.

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